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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Liquor Infused Maple Syrup

Deep in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains, Maple Farms stands among towering old-growth Red and Sugar Maple trees that produce some of the finest, all-natural maple syrup in the world.

Using innovative techniques created over years of experimenting, Maple Farms has created over a dozen different flavors of infused maple syrup, cream and candy using fresh, farm-raised fruit and award-winning, craft liquors from small batch distillers and is committed to producing distinctive gourmet maple products.

Their line of Liquor Infused Maple Syrups are actually reverse infused, by barrel aging 100% Pure Adirondack Medium Amber syrup in oak casks previously used by some of the region's most award winning, small batch distillers including Berkshire Mountain Distillers and Finger Lakes Distillery. They have also mixed it up a bit and threw in some underground favorites like Eastside and New Deal Distilling from Portland, Oregon. The syrup is barrel aged for four to six months in climate controlled temperatures to draw out all the natural flavors locked deep inside the oak. Then it is bottled in ornate, swing-top glass flasks, triple sealed and wax dipped to keep all those delicious flavors inside.

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