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Friday, January 25, 2013

Team Hidi Update & Personal Message from Ryan

          There are events happening all over from San Francisco to Indiana to Atlanta. .  You can buy Team Hidi shirts at M&T to raise money.  “Round Up for Ryan” is in at least 15 restaurants around the city and that is growing daily. View restaurants here
          The entire Eleanor's bar staff donated all of their tips on Friday night to the tune of $1,400.  Countless other co-workers of Ryan are giving up compensation to help. Tickets to Team Hidi fundraiser sold out 500 tickets in 6 days which raised $75k and most of it is going to Team Hidi. The event cost is minimal due to the incredible generosity of our industry partners. 

On February 9, JCT. Kitchen & Bar, No. 246 and The Optimist will all donate 5% of Saturday night’s sales during dinner service.

Auction items are now online for Sunday's Team Hidi event! We have some awesome stuff for would-be bidders. Better have those paddles ready! 

If you prefer to send a donation by mail, please feel free to send directly to Ryan and Jen at:

Ryan Hidinger
994 Grant Terrace
Atlanta, Georgia 30315
(Please make checks payable to: Ryan Hidinger)

Seriously...amazing people!

I've learned some interesting things about the human race over the last few weeks.  My heart is speechless from your generosity.

Jen and I just spent the last few moments reflecting, and crying. We are now in the final moments before our treatment path embarks, and are realizing how big of a fight, and how big the odds are stacked against us.

Over the last three weeks, it has been easy to push the fear down inside. With the barrage of doctor appointments, blood and urine tests, family in town to help with treatment planing sessions, tons of letters of support, dietitian meetings, reading countless documents  to make sure we know all we can and then the last little bits of the quiet evening before sleep when Jen and I just stare at each other... minds racing.
It all comes to a head in the coming week.

The wave of love, prayers, contributions and well wishes is so warming to our souls, that I feel I've already won....I've already won guys.
I've already won.

My thanks, and gratitude is eternal, I'll carry it through whatever time God sees fit for me to have on this planet and into whatever is next.  But fight like hell I will. I take into battle the energy of a thousand people who have reached out over that last few weeks. I'm ready for this challenge, and a great part of that preparedness I owe to you!

On behalf of Jen and I, thank you from the bottom of our hearts M&T family!

Ryan H.


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