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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Nothing Common In This Quarter

Photo Credit: Marnie Williams from Grapes and Hops Atlanta

What is it that you always say to yourself after taking a less than relaxing vacation? "I'm going to need a vacation from my vacation!?" 

Now you can take a trip to the southern coast every day, and never leave the heart of East Cobb.  From the innovators at Local Three, Muss and Turner's, and Eleanor's ~ diners can now rest and relax in the casual atmosphere of their new restaurant, "Common Quarter."

"I grew up around St. Simons on the Coast of Georgia, so I wanted to share a little piece of my history with the community," says Chris Tally, one of the partners at Common Quarter.  

Tally tells us the concept behind CQ is a Southern Coast & Farm to Table approach that will honor locally and regionally sourced seasonal products. "From the Mid-Atlantic coast of Virginia down around to the gulf coast of Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas and then on in to all those farms... southern food is just the best... and we want to pull inspiration from all of it!"

Our experience walking through the doors of "Common Quarter" was a mix of sleek modern elegance, coastal culture, and down home comfort. For both of us it's always more than just the food and beverages being served, it's the overall experience.  

Lamon Luther original "harmonica" community table 
The difference with "Common Quarter" and other fine dining spots in the area is the feeling of family and history that this new spot has already cultivated. There is a sense of place here and every element of design at CQ seemingly has a sentimental story behind it. From the beautiful Italian marble of the bar, the map of coastal Georgia on the wall, to the gorgeous hand made "harmonica" family-style dining table... every single element serves a purpose.  Ask Tally yourself and he will be happy to grab a seat, share a drink, and tell you all about it! 

Some of the details may only ever be discovered by those patrons who become CQ's regulars ~ but if you happen to find "Greg" ~ please let us know!  Also, be on the lookout for the Guns and Roses, the rocking chairs, and our favorite "Ocean Waves."

For all you East Cobbers needing a wine fix, CQ will have 15 reds and 15 whites available by the glass, along with a small selection cocktails with a "southern spin".  Hops happily gives two-thumbs up on the craft beer selection.

Plans for the future include live music on the patio, low-country boils served at the community table, and much more... all of it geared toward adding to CQ's mission of creating a casual place to relax and wash away the work week. 

We have a feeling that "Common" will give "Seed Kitchen and Bar" a run for it's money in the expanding East Cobb dining scene.  How much are we willing to bet on that? How about a Quarter!

Common Quarter: located at 1205 Johnson Ferry Road in East Cobb, in the Fresh Market Shopping Plaza. 

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