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Friday, December 14, 2012

Local Caribbean Cafe to Open "Upscale Lounge"

Chef Rob Gayle

The grand opening of Chef Rob Gayle's Upscale Lounge will present foodies throughout the city of Atlanta a unique lounge experience January 2013.  Based in Sandy Springs, "The Lounge" is an expansion to Chef Rob's restaurant "Chef Rob's Caribbean Cafe" that will allow an outlet to his diners: music, jazz, assorted tapas, cocktails, top-shelf choices, signature wine selections. "It's a 'kick back' atmosphere," says Gayle.

A huge New York Yankees, Knicks and Brooklyn Mets fan, born in Jamaica, West Indies, Gayle moved to Brooklyn, New York when he was 11 years old.  At age 13, he moved to Long Island and worked at "Matthew's Seafood House" as a line cook on the east end of Ocean Beach on Fire Island. "Learning came easy to me. I asked a lot of questions," Gayle says. "After High School, my counselor asked me 'what would you like to do with your life' and I took a chance and got an Associates in culinary arts at the Culinary Institute of America."  

In July 2006, Gayle opened "Chef Rob's Caribbean Cafe" and has managed 6 years of success as a restauranteur. His skills and prestige allowed him to assist with the openings of P. Diddy's "Justin's Restaurant" in both Atlanta and New York.  

"My older sister inspired me to cook! I want to produce high quality Caribbean food that will 'stick to your ribs' and give you that experience of dining on great food. I am passionate about my craft," says Gayle. Chef Gayle has a wide variety of foodie followers that include Usher, Bobby Valentino, Jennifer Lopez, a few of the Housewives of Atlanta and more! 

From what we hear from Chef Rob, the braised beef ox tail and black and mango salsa are a must-have on the menu and gaining in popularity amongst his diners.

In addition to opening his Atlanta-based restaurant, the Chef Rob brand has also extended to offer a varied selection of signature sauces, intimate cooking classes, and event catering options.  

The Lounge & Cafe are located at: 
5920 Roswell Rd Ste 117, Sandy Springs

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The 12 Days of Bourbon

EH Taylor Barrel Strength

Some folks celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas--Local Three has their own classic spin on things and will celebrate "The 12 Days of Bourbon."  For the twelve days leading up to Christmas, Local Three be featuring a unique bourbon from our list at a great price.  Swing by and check it out:
12/13: Bulleit
12/14: Old Fitzgerald 1849
12/15: Four Roses Yellow Label
12/16: Jefferson's
12/17: Buffalo Trace
12/18: Elijah Craig 12 yr.
12/19: Old Pogue
12/20: Basil Hayden
12/21: Bellemeade
12/22: Big Bottom Port Cask
12/23: Noah's Mill
12/24: EH Taylor Barrel Strength



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