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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Damn Delicious Wines for Summer Lounging!

If you are looking for that great "cocktail" wine that you can sip easily at the beach, on the lake or just out on your deck this summer--with help from Certified Sommelier Ryan Mullins and The Vineyard Wine Market, we recommend seven surprising Summer Wines under $20.00! We have tasted all seven and we will highlight our favorites we took home! There is one bonus wine at the end that is over $20.00, but we highly recommend it for your summer activities!

Summer Wines Line-Up
2010 Elizabeth Rose "Rose" from Napa Valley, CA:  $13.00

  • Easy Drinkin'
  • Dry, drink fairly cold at 55°
  • Crisp and very refreshing!  Hints of cranberry, juicy flavors, with a hint of citrus
Ryan Mullins at Vineyard Wine Market
2010 Aveleda "Follies" Alvarinho from Minho, Portugal: $13.00
  • If you like CRISP wines, this one is for you!
  • Great with Seafood dishes
  • High is acidity, makes you thirst for more! Tastes of mandarin juice
***2010 Bodega Valdesil "Montenovo" Godello from Valdeorras, Spain: $16.00
  • Known as "The Valley of Gold", aged in old oak barrels
  • Orange, lemon zest, creamy lemon
  • Intriguing
2009 Joseph Mellot "Destinea" Pinot Noir from Loire Valley, France: $17.00
  • 100% a true food wine
  • Full in flavor, light in color
  • Earthy in taste
The Summer Line-Up

***2009 Familia Castano "Hecula" Monastrell from Yecla, Spain: $16.00 
  • "Old Vine Zin on Steriods!"
  • Crazy good value
  • Decant for 1 hour and amazing with BBQ!
  • Gets Bigger and Bolder with a little chill on it (15 mins at 55°)
2008 Green Hills Organic Cabernet Sauvignon from Lodi, CA: $16.00
  • "Sit Around the Fire" wine
  • Bourbon flavors, jammy
  • Hints of smoky mocha and oaken vanilla
***BONUS WINE: 2010 Frank Family Chardonnay from Napa, CA $35.00
  • If you visit Napa, save this stop for the end of the day! Frank Family Vineyards over serves :-)
  • As if you are drinking Apple Pie, just damn delicious!
  • Pairs well wish seafood, buttered popcorn, french fries!
  • Pair with the pool, Pair with the beach!
  • "Creamy" and can be consumed without food!
If you have any questions, please find us on Facebook at or on twitter at @grapes_hopatl

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Local Wine Club's

If you are a fan of Grapes and Hops, then you love wine. Period.  We have stumbled upon two excellent wine clubs in the Smyrna and Marietta area that you must join.  You must be asking  yourself, “What is the benefit of joining a wine club?” or “Aren’t those types of clubs expensive?” Well, the answer might surprise you.  The answer surprised us!
Vineyard Wine Market & V2 Room
At the Vineyard Wine Market and V2 Room in Atlanta, off of Powers Ferry Road and Windy Ridge, owner Anthony Alvarez has over 80 members of his wine club.  Split amongst two nights, wine club members enjoy 6 wines, including a “surprise wine” to experience. Hosted by Master Sommelier Michael McNeill, two-time national champion of the “Best Sommelier in America” and Certified Sommelier Ryan Mullins, wine and spirit consulant, a wine club member can receive a true wine lesson from these two! There is also a variety of fresh fruits, cheeses and meats to pair with your wines.  A true experience for any wine novice!
  •         39.99 a month/per person or $59.99 per month/per couple
  •          Take home 2 of the 6 bottle you choose that are your favorites of the night
  •          15% off a case of 20% off two or more cases of wine
  •          Savings on all in-store purchases
  •          Club newsletter with special wine deal each month

To learn more about Anthony’s Wine Club:

Smyrna Wine Cellars (Smyrna Market Village)
A small jump up the road at Smyrna Market Village off of Atlanta Road is The Smyrna Wine Cellars.  Owner Renee Rowe offers her members internationally selected wine from boutique vineyards each month. “Our main focus is on lightly distributed, hard-to-find wine that typically retail for $24-$45.00 per bottle,” says Rowe. 
The Wine Cellars offer 4 types of wine club membership:
  •          $39.99/charged monthly: Coastal Wine Club members receive 2 bottlings of hand-selected wine that are super values
  •          $113.99/3 month membership: Estate Wine Club members receive 2 bottlings of hand-selected wine that are super values for the price for 3 months
  •          $219.99/6 month membership: Reserve Wine Club will have same benefits as the Coastal members with the limit of a 6 month membership
  •          $429.99/annual membership: Grand Reserve Wine Club members will have same benefits as the Coastal members with the limit of a 1 year membership
  •          Each member will receive a red and a white wine

Highlights of The Smyrna Wine Cellars Wine Club:
  •          2 bottles of wine each month
  •          Monthly member only wine tastings
  •          Additional wines of the month discount
  •          10% savings on all wine accessories
  •          12% case and 8% half case discounts
  •          VIP California Wine Tour
  •  For more information about Renee and Smyrna Wine Cellars:
Let us know if you decided to join a Wine Club and which one! 


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