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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Belgium Beer Dinner

When New Belgium Field Brander Jared Burton won the latest Loose Lips contest, his eyes filled with visions of his Southern home  specifically, peaches and cookouts. Brewed to life, Burton's Beer is a smoked peach porter with the deep and tawny hue of roasted chestnuts. The nose is rich with smoke and coffee notes, cherry wood and that unmistakable twang of peaches. This bold porter weighs in at a flush 7% ABV and the dark and dulcet malt bill makes for a long, lingering finish. Burton's Beer is sure to keep you sipping and smiling in your want for more.

Featured Beers: Dig Spring Pale Ale, Mothership Wit, Belgo, Belgo, Cocoa Mole, Jared's Smoke Peach Porter. Alongside the delicious beer, Chef Parenteau will present a savory menu inspired by whatever is freshest this early spring. Special guest appearance by local brewer Jared Burton.

Join Muss and Turners on Monday, March 26 at 6:45pm for their Five Course New Belgium Beer Dinner.  Cost: $47.91 per person + tax.  The Breakdown: $39.93 per person + 20% gratuity + tax & fee) 


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