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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Holiday Wine with Crepe Revolution

We had the pleasure of attending Crepe Revolution's Holiday Wine Event! Below are the recommendations that we sampled! You will be able to find a great wine for Thanksgiving and/or the upcoming holidays to share with your friends and family! Cheers!

Biltmore Christmas Wine:

Origin: California
Taste: White wine, refreshing, sweet wine with flavors of apricot, strawberry and lime. This wine is fermented in stainless steel tanks at low temperatures.
*pairing: Any holiday fare including turkey with cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie

OUR TASTE: very sweet. Great for a lovely holiday gift. Artwork on the front is the second edition to Biltmore. You can find this wine at World Market, wine shops and local grocery stores. Ranges between $10-14.99, pending location.

Cambria - Katherine's Vineyard Chardonnay:

Origin: Santa Maria Valley, CA
Taste: White Wine, with fresh pineapple, white peach and green apple. Aged for 7 months in 88% French Oak and 12% American Oak.
*pairing: shrimp, chicken or turkey with light cream sauces with green apples and pineapple

OUR TASTE: a clean white wine. crisp. Grapes and Hops, along with ATL Vino recommend this white wine over the Biltmore. We feel this white wine would pair better with a wide variety of foods.

Mark West Pinot Noir:
Origin: California
Taste: Red wine, aromas of strawberry and raspberry. Notes of carmel and baking spices. Tastes of cherry pie and cola berry. Fermented in stainless steel and aged in 100% French Oak. The grapes are sourced from Santa Barbara, Central Coast, Sonomoa Valley, Napa and Mendocino. The label reads "California" because the grapes are from a variety of areas within California and not just one specific area.
*pairing: Salmon and trout and/or heavy game like duck, rib roast or smoked turkey

OUR TASTE: a very bold pinot. had great depth for a pinot, which is usually considered a lighter red wine. You can find this wine at any local wine shop and/or grocery store. A great value.


Origin: California
Taste: Red wine, intense berry and vanilla bean with roasting coffee and a finish of soft tannins (which means the dryness of the wine). Fermented in stainless steel and 90% aged in both French and American Oak barrels. The texture and tannins in the wine come directly from the skins.
*pairing: baked ham, roasted pork and grilled sausage. You can go heavy and intense with flavors in the food.

OUR TASTE: an amazing red wine. deep in flavor and wonderful vanilla bean and coffee flavors. By far, one of our new favorites! Try it-you won't be disappointed.

Winemaker Notes

"To soften the tannins and enhance the brooding fruit character we targeted a slightly shorter than average fermentation and skin contact time. We have found that the shorter fermentation time with Petite Sirah allowed us to capture all of the fruit character and reduce the tannins. After fermentation we moved the Petite Sirah into small French and American oak barrels to develop the wonderful flavors of rich caramel, vanilla bean , and roasting coffee aromatics. Everything about making Petite Sirah rocks; vibrant color, unbridled berry character and plenty of texture creating the perfect balance and one of the most exciting wines that will leave you Spellbound."
- Rob Mondavi Jr., 4th Generation Napa Valley Winemaker

Origin: Holland
Taste: velvety chocolate full bodied wine with cheery notes. Blend of French Cab and rich dark chocolate from Holland. Think of a thicker form of Baileys.
*pairing: cherry truffles or strawberries
OUR TASTE: a yummy dessert wine. Should be served in moderation due to sweetness. A small pour at a holiday event will go a long way! If you love chocolate-this is for you!


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