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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

SIP Wine Restaurant

Tim and I recently at the Sip Wine Bar at Riverside at Town Square.  We wanted to share our food and wine pairings with you.  This is a Tapas style restaurant - medium plates to be shared amongst two people.  We highly recommend it!  This was a ton of fun and a great foodie experience!  Each item on the menu has a suggested wine with the prices for a sip, glass, full glass or bottle.  There are over 50 wines that may be ordered and any wine enjoyed in the restaurant may be purchased to take home!  There are 20-30 menu items to choose from!  Enjoy!

Tuna Tartare Napoleon: Lande, Pinot Noir, Willamette Oregon
Artisan Cheese Plate: Cline, Viognier, Sonoma California
Pear, Fennel and Celery Root Salad: Chateau Du Trigon, Rhone France - a refreshing palete cleanser

Hot Plate: Pistachio Crusted Scallops: Catena, Chardonnay, Mendoza Argentina
Maple Leaf Farms Duck Breast: Desierto, Cabernet Franc, Argentina ask to speak to Cliff-he really took care of us!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Beer... it's not just for breakfast anymore: Bell's Two Hearted Ale

Brewery: Bells Brewery, Inc.
Origin: Kalamazoo, MI
Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 7%+
Serving: bottle poured

Pours: blonde/"honey orange"... slightly hazy. A nice cream colored head.

Nose: grapefruit and fresh citrus... big floral hop aromas... and a nice mellow "biscuity" maltiness.

Taste: red grapefruit and citrus, spicy hoppiness are all there in the front, and the yeasty/biscuit flavors are right there backing them up the whole time. There is no doubt that this is an IPA.

Drinkability: One of my favorite IPAs. I could drink this all day, if I could find it that often. Super hoppy, moderate carbonation, medium body... smooth, almost creamy and a nice dry finish.

Bell's Two Hearted is regarded as one of the best examples of an IPA that is widely, (this depends on how you define "widely"), available. I would highly recommend it to anybody. If you can find a 6 pack available, grab it. If you can find it on tap... don't hesitate to order.


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