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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Summer Reds-Summer Whites

Tim and I just had a wine tasting at the Smyrna Wine Cellars store at Smyrna Market Village.
Phone: 770 437-1753

Below is a listing of the 3 Whites and 3 Reds that we tasted.  **-denotes our favorite!


Colli Argento Pinot Grigio: We found this to be very if you like a true "light" white wine--we recommend this one!  Notes of Pear, Melon and Green Apple - Food Pairing: Seafood Entrees

Remy Pannier Pouilly Fume: Not one of my favorites, but if you like notes of Very Grassy, simple, lots of acidity--this is your choice! - Food Pairing: Seafood, Salad, Pork & Chicken, along with vegetarian dishes

Our Favorite Summer White
**Robert Stemmler Chardonnay: Both of our favorite white wine of the three tasted!  Had an Earthy tangerine, pineapple and nectarine flavor! - Food Pairing: Roasted Chicken and Grilled Fish 


The Pinot Project: Another very "light" Pinot.  Hints of Black Cherries, Oak and Asian Spice - Food Pairing: Versatile host of food dishes!

Coldstream Hills Pinot Noir: An everyday Pinot!  I could have this any day of the week!  Notes of Cherry, Strawberry and blueberry.  Vibrant fruit flavor! Food Pairing: Fresh Salmon Dishes!

A Wonderful Dessert Red
**Cuvelier Los Andes Coleccion Malbec Blend: Our favorite!  Buy a bottle for a special evening! Very ripe aromas!  Crushed berries, mocha and dark chocolate.  Has an impressive breadth of the flavors of currant, mocha, leather and chocolate.  A true knockout!  Well recommended from Tim and I!  Food Pairing:  Fruits, Chocolate cakes and other desserts!

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